Honest Local Solar Installation

Solar power is a fairly straightforward product and the financial benefits are game-changing. Let us take a look at your roof and let you know how much electricity you can generate.

We will show you how you can leverage accelerated MACRS depreciation and how to take advantage of available tax credits. At the end of the day, solar power just makes sense in Houston…we are the energy capital of the world after all!

  • No surprises.
  • No hype.
  • Just honest, hard work.

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There are many reasons to choose solar. At Houston Solar Energy, we do it for the environment. And we don’t just talk…we follow through! We actively invest a portion of the proceeds from every project in planting trees right here in the US. In fact, we have planted almost 182,000 trees just since 2020! Our goal is 1,000,000 trees planted by our 20th anniversary!

Want to help us reach this goal even faster? Ask your project manager to round up the cost of your system and every extra dollar will plant an additional tree!

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Our Services

We have been helping businesses reduce their electricity bill with solar power in Houston since 2013.

Having successfully installed over 300 solar systems throughout the greater Houston area, our crew is one of the most experienced in the region and we are ready to tackle your project. Houston Solar Energy specializes in medium-scale commercial and industrial solar systems (and the occasional large residential system). We have installed solar panels on warehouses, office buildings, schools, churches, retail, government buildings, homes, and well…you get the point. Every project is custom-designed for your specific roof and electrical consumption patterns. We do not sell pre-packaged solutions because we recognize that your project deserves our hands-on attention and every detail matters. Please contact Houston Solar Energy today to see how we can help you save.